Brand Amassadors

Brand Ambassadors

We love to do what we do and would love to share with you what we do.  We are looking for 7 more brand ambassadors to help promote our clothing in the UK and help us grow.  As we grow we  hope you will grow with us, share our story together and help each other along the way - even if the way is a weekend ride.  We love that we are all different - young, old, thin or large - we want to celebrate what makes us unique.  We are committed to trying to do the right thing, reduce waste and work with suppliers who wish to make a change to the way we live.

1. Requirements

Although we would love to support everyone we can only support those with a good following, engaging posts and a good engagement to follower ratio. We would love a photo and a little biog for our website.   We really want to work with our brand ambassadors and deliver a great experience where we can both benefit from each others knowledge.

As a rough guide to what we give back see below:

  • Under 1000 Followers - Get in touch - if its unique or you are a child or female rider, or have something special to offer.
  • 1000 - 5000 Followers £50-60 allowance per year including postage.
  • 5000 - 10000 Followers £100 allowance per year including postage.
  • 10,000+ Get in touch, name your price.  You never know.

  • Pro Rider - (We probably cant afford you at this point)........ but if you would like a free top to randomly wear please drop us a line, we would be happy to provide one as long as it does not upset your main sponsors!.

2. Do

  • Post regularly
  • Hashtag #Wolfrideclothing #Wolfpack
  • post unique posts about you
  • Engage positively with our audience
  • Put stickers on everything
  • Give it some attitude
  • Get out there and enjoy your sport
  • Give us constructive feeback
  • Sell it to your mates
  • Care about your world

3. Don't

  • Don't be a dick
  • Don't have a racist, sexist, homophobic attitude - it's the modern world, were all the same colour on the inside.
  • Don't bring us into disrepute, slag us off or burn our clothing.
  • Don't end up in hospital showing off (you'll only damage our clothing).
  • Don't think you have to wear our clothing or hashtag us in every post
  • Don't be a sycophant
  • Re-post loads of other peoples content

4. Benefits

  • Special promotions
  • Limited editions
  • Free personalised tops for races
  • Permanent discounts
  • Affiliate cashback  - earn money promoting our clothes (coming soon)
  • Share offers (launching in 2019)

That's it - we look forward to hearing from you.